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September 15, 2021


People at the forefront

Smart Developer reflects the evolution of the smart society. We mean a society that offers more opportunities and thus more capabilities to people. A society that makes people smarter.


Smart Developer develops solutions that make work easier and more efficient. Work is a big part of our lives, and it's nice when our tasks are made easier and the product of our work more efficient.

We at Strativ always put man at the forefront, in all the work we do. Our colleagues are our most important resource and we strive to create the best working environment for them to develop solutions in. Solutions that have the user experience as their primary guiding star.

When we talk about the user experience, we always think about our values. Namely integrity as the most important pillar; intelligence, positive energy and enthusiasm. Using our solutions should be safe, smart, evolving and fun!


Smart Developer in development

That's why Smart Developers are at the heart of developing smart solutions. With their technical skills and creative abilities, our Smart Developers have the ability to program computer languages that digitize the solution to the customer's challenges.


When we develop a smart solution, we are guided by the question: how does this solution make people smarter? This always gives us a good starting point in developing an optimal and scalable solution, tailored for the best possible user experience.

Smart Developer works under the project management of Scrum masters who lead projects using Agile methods. Therefore, development is iterative and constantly looking for improvements to deliver the best product.


Smart Developers of Strativ

The Smart Developer of Strativ is led by the vision of developing solutions for the smart society. With the mission to add value to the customer's business, the smart team develops solutions that increase competitiveness.


The approach to work is strategic and innovative, and is infused with our values of integrity, intelligence, positive energy and enthusiasm.

The Smart Developer of Strativ uses its superpowers to develop smart solutions. In addition, is also in a variety of areas of interest. A Smart Developer of Strativ is a human being. Man at the forefront!



Smart Developers of Strativ can proudly showcase their superpowers in development with Python (Django), React JS, React Native, Angular, Magento, Woocommerce, WordPress, HTML, DevOps, Node.js, CSS, JavaScript, etc. Using these, they can develop smart solutions in a cost-effective and flexible way, making your business competitive and your users smarter.


The strategic and innovative approach with a holistic approach has sharpened their superpowers in conceptualization and UI/UX, which enables an idea to become a valuable concept. With expertise in prototyping at various levels during the conceptualization phase, and always with the most optimal user interface design (UI/UX), with an eye for detail and value-added potential.


Subpowers and areas of interest

In addition, the Smart Developers of Strativ are working on their own projects or have previously worked on projects involving PHP, Linux, vueJs, typeScript, Laravel, BashScript, MySql, AWS, C#, etc., which make up their subpowers, among others. Subpowers are also skills one works on to develop in their professional role. Through the Learn & Grow program, Smart Developer can take inspiration and motivation for further development of their professional skillset.


Areas of interest include Interactive UI development, Internet of Things, Machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, Video editing, Engineering Economics, data analysis, Business Intelligence, etc. form the basis of the Smart Idea Lab where the Smart Developer has the chance to propose projects for Strativ to initiate and develop as a solution for the smart society.



We have delivered services to over 100 satisfied customers, many of whom have commissioned multiple projects. Add to this the fact that our Smart Developers have also worked on other projects, and we arrive at a total experience of over 1000 projects for our Smart Team of over 50 people.


Smart Developers of Strativ works with services such as system development, which includes more specific solutions in web development, app development and e-commerce.

Some of the solutions you can read more about in our customer cases where we have presented the client, the challenge, the solution and the result. You can take inspiration from there for your business and get one step closer to the service that needs developing.


Personal aspects

Personal development is to be pursued and combined with professional development, in order to achieve maximum results from one's performance.


That's why we do sports to keep our bodies in balance and provide healthy nutrition. To keep the mind in exercise, Smart Developer spends his time reading books and discussing them, watching movies and playing games with friends in his spare time.

A balanced life situation with stimulated work and leisure. A smart way to live.



Smart Developer of Strativ speaks Swedish, English and Bangla as their primary languages. However, active learning is ongoing in French, Spanish, German, Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, Turkish, Italian.


An international workplace filled with diversity and curiosity about the world and people from all corners of the globe.


Smart Developer and the smart future

The smart future is happening. Now. It's being shaped and developed. It's hard to say when we've entered it, but can we even wonder that the future has always been smart? Because we are getting smarter as time goes on, but perhaps not seen it from that perspective.


With a focus on showing how IT solutions make people smarter, by providing more capabilities, we want to put people at the forefront. Smart Developers work intelligently, with strong integrity. Enthusiastic and filled with positive energy. Putting people at the forefront.

The smart future is a fact. And that's how we can see it. It's simple. No need to explain. We learn and grow, we evolve. It's moving forward. We know more. We know more. We're getting smarter. The future is smart. Fact.


Smart Developer develops the smart future for all people to live in a more optimized, self-sufficient and enjoyable society, a smarter society, healthy and happy. For people, by people!

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