Smart IT development - How it works (part 2 new start)

July 28, 2021


IT development is smart

IT development can be implemented in different ways, through different processes and with different tools, but in the end the goal is the same. What IT development is about is creating more opportunities for people. That's why we call our development for smart development, as it always has a purpose focused on making life easier for people. One may wonder then, but doesn't all IT development have the purpose of making it easier for us? Absolutely right question, where the answer is of course yes and we can thus conclude that all IT development is smart.


How does smart IT development work?

At Strativ, we are committed to delivering smart solutions that are flexible and cost-effective, with the aim of making our client companies competitive and thus adding value to their businesses. To achieve this, we have identified three core aspects of our strategic and innovative approach:

Our Smart Developers using the agile methodology and with the overall solution in mind, develop the smartest solution for your business. Sounds simple, right? We have developed a good working structure with well-organised and proven concepts and models, which enables us to work smart and efficiently, according to the customer's requirements and with the customer experience as the top priority.

You can read more about our customers and take a look at our various customer cases where we have described the challenge, solution and outcome of each project. This will give you a good insight into how we develop smart solutions for companies that trust us to work with them.

Smart IT development for VaccinaPricer and More Sailing



Smart Developers

Smart Developers are at the heart of the development of our smart solutions. With their technical knowledge, they possess the ability to program the solution for the customer's challenge. Smart Developers of Strativ can proudly showcase their skills and experience in Python (Django), React JS, React Native, Angular, Magento, Woocommerce, WordPress, HTML, DevOps, Node.js, CSS, JavaScript, SEO, Digital Marketing & UI / UX.

The guiding principles that help us create value at work and in our personal lives are integrity, intelligence, positive energy and enthusiasm. These permeate all the development processes we undertake and lead us to the solutions that smart IT development offers. Our vision is to develop Smart Society Solutions and we love to see how the solutions we develop contribute to the development of the Smart Society. We are humble Smart Developers with superpowers.

Smart Developers for smart IT development



Agile approach enables smart IT development

So how do we work operationally? Well, because the creative development team at Strativ have extensive experience in the agile methodology, it is a given that our project management is agile. All our development is guided by principles derived from the agile methodology and our project management is thus flexible, iterative and test-based. We solve challenges along the way, but also strive to be proactive with our solutions.

The Agile Approach to Smart IT Development


As a customer, you will have a say in the software development throughout the development process, through sprint meetings and communication via email, phone or Slack. Our goal is that you as a customer should have the opportunity to participate and influence during the project, because we work according to your wishes. With the help of Scrum together we ensure that the right product is developed within the given timeframe, which means that quality remains high and that no deadlines are missed. A smart work process as part of smart IT development, plain and simple.


The holistic perspective

When we think about our business relationships, long-termism is the word that would describe our thoughts best. Our goal is to have long-term and valuable business relationships with our customers, where together we create value and new opportunities for users. That's why we take a strategic and innovative approach to the challenges our customers bring to us. This is part of the holistic approach to smart IT development.

The holistic perspective in smart IT development


We take full responsibility for software development by providing smart solutions that make your business more competitive. Our mission is to ensure that our smart solutions has a direct and positive impact on the value creation of your organisation. We love it when our customers grow because of us, because it motivates us even more to develop solutions that make our society smarter.


More concrete smart IT development

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