Smarter workflow - 5 smart tips

September 29, 2021


Smarter workflow for better balance in life

Arbete utgör en stor del av våra liv och påverkar även hur vi mår utanför jobbet. Arbetar vi med något som vi har koll på och känner oss nöjda över, så kommer vi även att må bra på fritiden. Inte garanterat, men ganska bra förutsättning skulle jag vilja påstå. Har vi ett strukturerat arbetssätt, är det också en stor chans att vi är mer disciplinerade i livet, som gör att vi kan ta vara på livets goda i en större omfattning. Därför behöver man arbeta smartare och inte hårdare, som många vill påstå.



If you have a bad structure in your work, you run the risk of overworking yourself and sadly still do not have time to complete all tasks. Nor to find pleasure in his work. Feel a lot of stress. Thoughts in full swing. Even after working hours. Really not a desirable situation to be in. Luckily, you are never hopeless and can always do something about it to find the right flow in your work. If you follow the tips below and succeed in integrating them into your smarter workflow, you will definitely work smarter and achieve the goal of feeling better and having a better balance in life.

1. No distractions

When we work, we have many easily accessible distractions that try to steal our focus from work. We can think for ourselves and find the truth that passive activity on social media, texting about nothing or even notification sounds can be primary causes of low productivity in our work.

Therefore, it is important to work in an environment with as little disruption as possible. On the other hand, it is encouraging to work in an environment with positive disruptions, which work colleagues create with their work effort and support. Everything else that is not work-related can therefore constitute a distraction that leads us to lower productivity and poorer quality of our work.

Turn off social media during working hours, turn off the phone silently, work in optimal working conditions and have the discipline to stick to this daily until it has become routine.


With a smarter approach, you turn off interruptions and are one step closer to your goal to a smarter workflow.


2. Create smarter active rest

For example, work for an hour and take a break of 5 minutes to reflect on the work you have done and the work you will do in the next hour. It is called active rest, when you rest from work, but still have a responsible bond to work with an analytical approach. You increase your performance. You simply get better at what you do. You work in a smarter workflow.

What is important is not to have a set of exactly 30, 60 or 78 minutes that is matched with the relevant number of minutes, but a perception of smarter active rest.


That way, you will have better control over what you have done and what you are going to do, which will increase your productivity and you will feel better.


3. Constant development of weak properties

No one can know everything, and we all know that and that is why each of us works in a specialized area. In order to perform better in the specialized area, we must have a whole spectrum of different characteristics. It is only natural to be better at some and worse at some others.

Many advocate that you should focus on what you are good at to become even better and find others who are good at what you yourself are worse at and outsource the job to them. I do not agree. There must be a smarter way to develop their weak qualities with the help of a smarter workflow. You should constantly strive to develop even your weak qualities so that in the long run you have time to become both an expert in your best qualities and also significantly raise the level of your worse qualities.


Thus, you will feel more fulfilled in your professional role and as a human being.


4. Have clear goals

Goals are important. Goals give meaning to our work. However, unrealistic goals can set it. We do not want that. Therefore, you should have clear goals, as part of the smarter approach to a smarter workflow. What do clear goals mean then?

Well, first and foremost, it's about not having too many goals, so the number must be realistic in relation to the time perspective we work with. That I should quantify here and say you should have 3 goals per day or 6 is just completely misleading. When you work smarter, you always start from your opinion, therefore the number of goals is your thing to decide based on the above conditions.

Furthermore, goals must be defined in a concrete way. For example, you can not set a goal "I will program today". It does not tell you much, does it? To say "Today I will program x number of hours on project y, and will read the requirements spec on project B for x number of hours", is more concrete and clear. You can, of course, detail your goals as much as you feel like, but remember not to spend more time setting goals than working towards them. Because it does not get really smarter or what.

Clear goals motivate working in a smarter workflow.


5. Plan smarter

Goals are that part of the planning, of course, but not everything. We need to plan smarter workflow and also the whole process during our day, and not just at work. If we succeed in having good planning, we increase the chance of creating a good flow of life and achieving better balance in life.

Start with sleep. When we sleep, we rest our work tool. It is extremely important to have good sleep, really. Therefore, you should plan to go to bed on time, so that you can get 6-8 hours of sleep, depending on how tired you are.

What do you do when you wake up? Do you have any healthy routines? What you should do is get in touch with cold water, do a short physical activity and refill with food. That way, you have done everything your body requires of you and have thus made your work tools ready for work.

Plan to get to work on time, so that you do not have to experience unnecessary stress caused by being late for work. Make sure all your work tools are well organized and easily accessible. Keep track of what you should eat and when you should drink, and plan your active rest well.

Smart planning is the core of achieving smarter workflow.

Make sure you have a plan of what to do after work. Whether it is a physical activity, intellectual or of a social nature. When you plan smarter, you plan for a full 24 hours.

Do not forget to plan a few hours a day where you have not planned anything. It will do you good!

My hope is that you find these tips valuable and that you succeed in working in a smarter workflow and achieve better balance in life. However, if your business needs marketing services or do you know someone who does, you can read more about ours smart marketing and please contact us for a free meeting.

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