Exotic travel and web development: New website

January 06, 2022


Exotic trips with Hummingbird Lifestyle Travel: New website


Exotic travel with Strativ smart development

Exotic travel is something we all dream of. We have had the honor of working on developing a new website for our dear customer Hummingbird Lifestyle Travel. The website is online and you can book your trip to any of the exotic destinations. This is a website that is developed in WordPress and partly in Magento. It has many subpages and images, and is easy to navigate. Results of our professional work with system development.

The development team at Strativ has been responsible for the entire development process. From the customer's requirements spec, our UX / UI team designed a responsive design solution that has been specially adapted for the mobile version. Our Smart Developers then developed it into a finished product that you can visit here.


About Hummingbird Lifestyle Travel - Your personal travel advisor for exotic travel

Hummingbird Lifestyle Travel has a fantastic history with a business that started more than 60 years ago. There were several newspapers with Göteborgsposten in the lead that started the business in 1947, which was then called Pressresor and from the beginning were specialized in various themed trips. The company was one of the very first to arrange trips to Europe after the Second World War. It was also special when we arranged the very first flights from Landvetter Airport in 1977, two packed jumbo jets with a destination New York.

After that, the business was conducted partly under the name Reseriet under the leadership of Ewa Bjurström, then by Ulf Hansen. In 2016, Susanne Ritzen Österberg joined the company as a partner. With over 30 years of experience in tailor-made private trips to Australia, New Zealand, the Cook Islands and Fiji, it became a matter of course to then develop the product range with these fantastic travel destinations.

We have made countless own trips to these areas and are passionate about getting the chance and confidence to arrange your next trip.

We at Hummingbird Lifestyle Travel are travel specialists on trips to exotic places and cruises around the world. Maldives, The Seychelles, Costa Rica, Sri Lanka, Mauritius and Australia as well as New Zealand are some of our main specialist areas. We are all very experienced travel advisors who have checked the hotels and destinations we offer trips to.


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