IT development for Smart Society (part 1 new start)

July 20, 2021


From the Cave to the Satellite

Do you remember the days when we humans lived in caves? Do you remember the days when we humans ran around in the wild as hunters and gatherers? Or those days when society wasn't even a word, when the term civilization didn't exist? Of course you don't, but you certainly remember when we used calculators, corded phones and analogue photo cameras, as some sort of crowning achievement of technological progress.

Perhaps you remember the early days of IT development? What about all the administrative paperwork that used to be done manually? Or that we were limited to only physical interaction with colleagues and customers? Or that we were limited to only physical interaction with colleagues and customers? What was it that changed the playing field?

Leaving the cave


The digital transformation occurred and IT development took off. Some would call this the greatest revolution of all time, and rightly so.

You can review the last 20 years and you will definitely make a long list of tasks that have changed due to digitisation. Certainly, you will get an insight into how digital transformation has changed the playing field in order to improve the quality of people's lives. But, have the norms of our lives changed for the better? What are the risks of digital transformation? What are the benefits of digital transformation?

How can we use IT development to optimise processes in society and maximise benefits for the good of society? What are the values of a smart society? Have we become smart enough to have reached the point of civilization that can be seen as smart, meaning that it serves people in a democratic and sustainable way? And what can we expect from the future in terms of digital enlightenment and advancement?


Thank you, IT development!

Yes, we have succeeded in improving the quality of people's lives through IT development. We have developed technological solutions that minimise human effort, allowing us to be smarter in managing our daily tasks, both in our work and in our private lives. That's why at Strativ want to call these opportunities smart solutions. Any solution that gives us more capabilities and minimises human effort is a smart solution. That is why we find the meaning of IT development in providing society with solutions. In our vision, IT development means a process that results in smart solutions reaching society in order to optimize and create sustainable living conditions for all people.

IT development.By people. For people.To improve and grow!


Accelerates IT development

The biggest risk regarding digital transformation is to miss the opportunities for improvements that digital tools offer us humans to work with. We must always have a genuine purpose in the development of IT services, and the purpose is in the challenge we want to solve. Purposeful IT development is sustainable and optimized to create value for society.

Thanks to smart solutions, we can build a digital framework for a Smart Society, where we can create value that will result in a better life for all people. While someone may claim that it is impossible to create it for everyone, we can also say that we then strive to create a better life for more and more people. In a positive and developing spirit, with IT development at the forefront.


Smart Society means more freedom

Smart Society is the result of scientific progress, and we know that there is no end to science. Therefore, Smart Society can be seen as an infinite evolution, led by the desire to achieve improvement and sustainability. Smart Society is also a data-driven society, backed by IT development where humanity meets technology. A smart society uses the potential of technology to enable people to live healthier, happier and more productive lives. We as humans are freed from doing many less satisfying tasks, while the number of possible options we can choose from increases exponentially.

That's why life in a Smart Society means more freedom for people.



The feeling of freedom is the most important thing we can feel. Freedom is also priceless and is a state from which we build our lives. If you think about it, IT developments have expanded the boundaries of freedom and created more opportunities for us. But with freedom comes responsibility. This is something we should be very aware of in order to do the right thing when it comes to newly created opportunities. Responsibility is best exercised when it stands on firm ground of valuable and meaningful values.



We have identified and incorporated four values in our operational work in IT development and in our roles as Smart Developers of Smart Society Solutions: integrity as a starting point; intelligence as a creative force; positive energy as a driving force; and enthusiasm as an endorsement of purpose that ignites the spark that drives us towards a better future for all.



It all starts with privacy and we always put people first, which means we think it's very important that IT development takes human privacy into account. This is why IT solutions must always be adapted to human privacy, so as not to create a negative or harmful context for human well-being.



Intelligence is a creative force in a smart society. With intelligence, we can come up with smart solutions that meet the needs of the challenges we face. Intelligence enables us to optimise data and resources in order to create a sustainable environment for us to live in.


Positive energy

The development of a smart society should be imbued with positive energy, inside and out. It is a driving force for the development and implementation of smart solutions that are beneficial to society as a whole. A creative force that provides clarity and direction to the purpose of our vision for IT development.



Acceptance of the purpose of our unity, our idea, our vision, is measured in how enthusiastic we are about contributing to a better tomorrow for all. Our passion for creating higher value for others through IT development is what makes us smart developers and smart people.


Until today, we have developed

In the case of IT development är mängden hårdvaru- och programvarulösningar som har utvecklats enorm, riktigt enorm. Vi kan bara nämna några av dem här, men vi bör vara medvetna om att det finns miljontals olika IT lösningar. Du kommer säkert på många fler som du använder i vardagen.

  • Computers
  • Internet
  • Web Development
  • Mobile applications
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Social media platforms
  • E-commerce
  • Algorithms
  • Smart TV
  • Smartphones
  • Internet banking
  • Cloud-based solutions


In the future we can develop

Although much progress has been made in the following areas, IT development has not yet even nudged towards living up to the full potential of the opportunities offered in these IT areas. Utvecklingen har kommit längre i vissa områden och i vissa givetvis mindre, men oavsett så håller du säkert med om att samtliga nedan listade områden är fulla av spännande, coola och häpnadsväckande produkter i tjänster, som vi längtar till att använda.


Better tomorrow for all

So, are digital transformation and IT development having any success in increasing and improving quality of life? The right answer is of course yes, because humanity has managed to use these tools to changing society for the better. With every change, certain risks naturally follow and challenge us to manage them. In the context of this modern change, the greatest risk lies in failing to take advantage of the evolution of IT solutions. Therefore, it is important to keep up to date in the latest that IT development can offer to your business or to society as a whole.

Now it has been proven again and again that IT development is beneficial to people in many different ways and covers most aspects of our lives.

Information technology is very present in our daily lives, as we use them as assistants that give us access to exchange information with the world. Whether it is a web application or mobile application or any other type of IT solution, we should always use it with integrity and intelligence to achieve maximum value for the optimization of society.

We use IT development today, more than ever, and it will continue to increase. This means that our opportunities will also increase, giving us the responsibility to use them with positive energy and enthusiasm while developing a smart society and a better tomorrow for all.

We believe that humanity has accumulated enough knowledge and has developed models for democratic and sustainable ecosystems, which means that there are excellent chances to develop a smart society.

A society with smart and automated processes, and IT developments that serve citizens in a way that enables them to have a safer and more inspiring environment in which to live and work, and more leisure time and resources to enjoy life. Please read our customer cases to get an idea of how we have developed smart solutions for companies like VaccinaPricerPhoton SportsMy Mall and More Sailing, samt många andra som du kan läsa om här på vår hemsida.

With the possibilities that the next generation of IT developments will bring, we can expect even better quality of life and work. What are the smart solutions of tomorrow? First and foremost, they will be more efficient in solving problems, as well as more automated and with more complex integrations. Tomorrow's IT developments will be more powerful, enabling us to manage functions and processes that we could only dream of once upon a time.

The future definitely looks bright, as we develop solutions for a smart society where humanity is our top priority.

Vi kan summera med att konstatera att det var en härlig resa för mänskligheten, hela vägen från grottan till satelliten, med mer spännande saker att upptäcka, utveckla och förvalta. Den bästa dagen att leva är idag. Men imorgon kommer att överträffa idag när den blir idag, därför har vi en underbar framtiden att se fram emot. Låt oss hålla römmen om ett smart och hållbart samhälle levande, och hitta fler lösningar på hur vi kan optimera resurser och göra människor lyckligare. Med andra ord skapa: A Better Future for Everybody! STAY SMART!


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