Communication: clear message and understanding - 6 free tips

August 04, 2021


Someone said communication?

In our modern IT society, there is an abundance of information emerging through various communication channels.

Vad är kommunikation?

Why is it important to communicate clearly and make your voice heard?

What is good communication based on? How does communication on social media?

These are some of the questions we will be addressing in this article, and at the end we will be taking away some good insights on communication and some valuable tips on how to improve our communication. Let's see what we can learn then.

Till och börja med: Vad är kommunikation? Ordet “kommunikation” kommer ursprungligen från Latin communis, together, through communicare, do jointly. Communication means that you can communicate in different ways, but the main point is that it drives us towards a common action, i.e. it makes us act together.


?We can conclude that communication enables value-creating interactions to take place between people, with clarity and understanding.?

Mishel Grujicic


Communication brings us together

Why is it important to speak clearly? ? clear communication means understanding

Not all communication needs to be clear to work, but there is a risk that the right message will not get through and that misunderstandings will arise, leading to an unnecessary waste of resources.


“Därför är det första steget i rätt kommunikation att strukturera upp sitt innehåll på ett välfungerande och tilltalande sätt.”

Mishel Grujicic


1. Structure the content

How do you structure the content then? You should always start from the core of the message. Next, you should identify the key features that highlight the essence of the message, to avoid unnecessary information that is irrelevant to the message. When you have a clear structure to your content, it is easier for you to communicate clearly. It's all about customising your content to win your audience's attention.


2. Speak clearly

It's not enough to win attention, you also have to keep it and make the most of it. That's why it's extremely important to be clear in your presentation, which means speaking with confidence because no one will believe what you say if you don't leave the strong impression that you yourself know what you're talking about. If you have a good structure and control of your content, and stick to the subject, you can be sure that your communication will be perceived as clear and met with understanding from your audience.

The importance of enthusiasm in communication skills! ? the right energy gives the right commitment


It is therefore essential to match your energy level to the message you want to convey, in order to capture the right kind of engagement from the audience. People usually base their actions on the emotions they feel, which means that the right dose of enthusiasm can evoke the long-awaited engagement from your audience.

“När vi kommunicerar med varandra, så byter vi ut energier med varandra!Mishel Grujicic



3. Be energetic

When you present yourself with a lot of energy, you are perceived as a man of action and your words become more energetic. Don't forget that you are the one who sets the level of enthusiasm you want to bring to your performance, as this has a direct impact on the emotions your communication skills will engage with the audience. Your energy sets the tone for how the communication process should play out.


4. Think about tonality

Tone is often perceived as part of our speech, but we must not forget that it also shines through when we write. Your written words are interpreted whether you are engaged in the simplest email conversation or writing a serious document. What you need to think about first is how you want the recipient to perceive you. Are you confident or humble, or perhaps a bit of both? Are you addressing your audience in the singular or plural, and directly or in the 3rd person?

Mouth to mouth on social media! ? active interaction on social media

People usually search for information on Google and on social media platforms. You can optimise your content for the search engine through SEO or the paid version SEM, but what are your options on social media? For business-related communication, you can mainly use Linkedin, for B2B and recruitment. The largest target group could potentially be on Facebook, as it has the most users. The point is to find your target audience on the right platform and create content to interact with them.

Word of Mouth


5. Find the right forum for your message

By the right forum, we don't mean that it should only be location-related, but also time-related. You have probably heard the saying ?it's all about timing?, and this can also be applied when we talk about when is the right time to communicate your message with your target audience. As we stated earlier that it's all about gaining attention, the right question is where and when can your target audience be most receptive to your message?


6. Interaction with social media

Your organisation needs to actively engage with your target audience via social media platforms to drive digital Word of mouth. You want to create an opportunity for your audience to speak well of you.


“To do this, you need a plan that covers how to highlight your USPs (Unique Sales Points) in your content, as well as how to attract interest and gain attention.“

Mishel Grujicic


It's important to have a timeline and set goals with KPIs to measure, i.e. what data should you analyze to discern what type of interaction is leading to conversions or just generally reaching your audience the best.


Tips for better communication

Hopefully, you've gained a better insight into why it's important to communicate clearly and make your voice heard. The importance of structuring content, speaking clearly and being energetic, on which good communication is based. Make a strategic plan for your online presence and create interactions with your audience that build trust and loyalty.

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If you take these six steps into account, you will have a good basis for clearer communication and better understanding within your organisation or with market participants. At the same time, it is important to point out that improvement cannot happen overnight, but it is important to be consistent in your learning and to practice because practice makes perfect. I am happy to discuss more on the topic so please do not hesitate to send away a message, looking forward to it!


Structuring the contentSpeak clearlyBe energeticThink about tonalityFind the right forum for your messageInteraction with social media

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