Machine rental at EXAB via the website developed by Strativ AB

December 20, 2021



Machine rental has never been easier thanks to smart IT development

Machine rental for entire construction projects in one place. We at Strativ can with the twinkle in our eye share the news that we have successfully launched a new website for our customer EXAB. The website is the result of our work within system development, och är utvecklad i Magento.

Our development team has been responsible for the entire development process. From the customer's requirements spec, our UX / UI team designed a responsive design solution which our Smart Developers then developed into a finished product.. The website consists of informative sections with descriptive texts, a Magento webshop, as well as 3rd party integrations such as Google reviews and Instagram.

Our common goal has been to develop an eye-catching website that provides a good overview of EXAB's business operations. At the same time, develop a webshop that is simple and easy to use for everyone who is in need of machine rental.

You choose the product you are interested in and add it to the shopping cart. Then you choose the time period for machine rental, and write your contact information and send the request. You will shortly receive a message with a price proposal from EXAB. Smooth and easy!


About EXAB - A fast and solution-oriented organization with expertise in machine rental


“2019 öppnade vi vår första depå, i Eriksberg, Stockholm. Vår tanke är att hyra ut riktigt bra maskiner från marknadens ledande leverantörer, alltid fräscha och nyservade efter centrallagersprincipen. Istället för att kunden måste avsätta tid för att hämta maskiner och utrustning, så ska vi köra ut dem direkt till arbetsplatsen. Detta för att spara tid och pengar åt våra kunder.

In our combined machine park, there are over 5,000 machines, everything from small and large, to lifts, scaffolding and storage trolleys. An important part of our offer with machine rental is to at all times provide service beyond the ordinary and problem solving that makes a difference for our customers. We want our customers to be able to trust that we as machine rental companies do everything to solve the customer's needs for machines and equipment. We are today 7 EXAB members, with different backgrounds and experiences, all of whom are important cogs in our team. We are very proud of what our common corporate culture is to always stand up for the customer in all matters relating to machine rental. ”

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Strativ develops websites and webshops for e-commerce

Strativ AB is your obvious development partner with smart solutions for e-commerce. Our dedicated development team has expertise in both Magento and WooCommerce, for the development of e-commerce platforms. During the work process, we always focus on creating converted web shops with a responsive design, which provides the best conditions for successful e-commerce. Whether it's about selling products, mediating services or even machine rental. We are always equally dedicated to delivering the best possible solution.

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