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October 13, 2021


STRATIV means STRAtegic and innovaTIVe

Under the agile project management, the development team at Strativ has so far developed IT solutions for over 100 satisfied customers in Sweden. Our offer is based on


  • STRAtegic and innovaTIVe business relationship with the customer
  • on access to cost-effective resources and
  • on the agile project management.

We develop tailor-made solutions that help strengthen the competitiveness of our customers.

Here you can read more about work we have done for some of our customers, and what role these solutions play for the customer's business and for end users, ie. our smart society.

Strativ & Vaccina - System Development in the battle against Covid-19

The fight against Covid-19 meant that Vaccina was challenged to handle a large number of tests that needed to be performed and verified.

Doctors, nurses, patients and external laboratories needed a focal point for smooth communication and secure data management.

The development team at Strativ has developed a system, ie. a web platform and mobile app that works as a medical record system.

Smart solution for a safer and smarter society!


The system consists of a scalable backend in the cloud, integrations with third-party services, and a modern and user-friendly frontend for the end users. Some automation was implemented which made the system smarter, faster and smoother.

With the help of our solution, Vaccina has managed to provide its services to over 150,000 users, since launched in June 2020. The web portal and mobile app that we developed has made Vaccina's business more competitive, and made it easier for healthcare players to collaborate more securely and more efficiently.


"Strativ has been a very good partner for us as they have quickly, without compromising quality, built web and mobile applications that have met our and the healthcare industry's requirements for security and ease of use."

Pontus Kressner, CEO at Vaccina

Strativ & Pricer - Web development with the trust of retailers

The challenge was to free up time that the store's employees can spend on increased service and a better shopping experience for customers. Pricer customers include retail chains around the world.

To date, Pricer has sold 200 million electronic shelf edge labels to 17,000 stores in more than 50 countries. In order to be able to track large quantities of products throughout the entire life cycle, Pricer needed a tailor-made system.

A smart solution for seamless retail flows!


Strativ has developed a web application for traceability, where Pricer can track every object, group of items, etc., throughout the life cycle. Strativ has also designed and built RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) tool for Pricer, which is a web application for handling RMA claims. The tools include customer portal with KPIs and reports, self-service and validation.

Pricer is satisfied with the project management, competence and solution that Strativ delivered. The result is good control of the product's life cycle through traceability and increased customer satisfaction through the RMA tool.


"We at Pricer are satisfied with the project management, the competence and the solution that Strativ delivered."

Lars Melin, Senior Business System Specialist & It-Manager at Pricer

Strativ & Photon Sports – System development for world champions

Photon Sports needed a performance tracking system, which is integrated with a sensor-based system to generate 3D data based on different performance tests for the athletes.

With the help of a digital solution, coaches and physiotherapists can help athletes stay healthy, as well as optimize their training to get the best possible results from the training.


A smart solution for world champions!


The development team at Strativ has developed a mobile and web application that consists of a scalable backend and frontend in the cloud, as well as integrations / connections with third-party devices and services. Our core focus was to deliver a responsive frame-based front end that is highly user-friendly for end users, where data-driven results are nicely presented.

Photon Sports offers its services to athletes worldwide with the aim of improving their performance, optimizing training and thus achieving the best training results. The system we developed serves a large part of their business and makes it easier for various parties involved to collaborate with better efficiency.


"We as world champions have high demands on everything related to our business. The development team at Strativ has met all our requirements and delivered a world-class solution."

Jonas Sjöberg, CEO at Photon Sports

Strativ & My Mall - Everything for your home and leisure at good prices with e-commerce

Because My Mall collaborates with many different suppliers, from different domain industries, the challenge was to create a meeting point for interaction between different parties in order to sell and buy goods, ie conduct e-commerce.

This means that they also wanted to give the supplier the opportunity to run their own store to sell their products via the My Mall platform.


A smart solution for smooth online trading!

My Mall


The development team at Strativ has developed an e-commerce platform that is also mobile and SEO optimized, which is easy to find The system consists of a scalable backend and responsive frontend in the cloud, as well as many integrations with third-party payment systems and other import services from various suppliers. The platform is developed for the purpose of delivering value to the My Mall business through data-driven results that promote increased trading.

The platform we have developed works today with more than 400 thousand products in My Mall online store, and with continuous growth in buyer numbers since its launch in February 2019. Our developed system serves a large part of their business. The system makes it easier for various stakeholders to manage online business with better efficiency. Some automation is implemented that makes the user experience faster and smoother.


"In Strativ we have found a good hybrid solution - Swedish project office with competent and cost-effective off-shore development."

Håkan Jonsson Bodvar, CEO at My Mall Sweden AB

Strativ & More Sailing - System development for easy booking of sailing trips

More Sailing wanted to create a secure booking system that handles all their bookings of sailing trips.

The cloud-based solution would be connected to their website, accounting system and also their banking and payment portals.

They wanted a central system for handling all bookings and accompanying information.


A smart solution for smooth and secure booking!


Strativ has built a cloud-based scalable web solution that allows More Sailing to manage all its tours and bookings through a single system. Customers can log in and access all the necessary information about their upcoming trips. Various integrations with external systems are made in order to facilitate the work process for all parties involved.

Our work has had a direct impact on the More Sailing business and has helped the More Sailing team increase efficiency. The system we developed contributes to a smoother booking and handling process, which resulted in an increased number of sales. The system handles the entire work process seamlessly and results in resource savings.


"We are extremely pleased with the cloud-based system that Strativ delivered, as it has helped us increase efficiency and achieve resource savings."

Einar Halldin, CEO at More Sailing

About Strativ

Strativ AB was founded in 2017 in Umeå, Sweden, by a young visionary M.Sc. Abdullah Yousuf with the vision to develop Smart Society Solutions. His passion for solving problems and creating value for society drove him towards the idea of delivering flexible and cost-effective solutions for businesses, in order to make them more competitive. He succeeded in bringing together a group of talented people and creating a synergy effect that successfully increased the value of Swedish companies.

Today, we at Strativ are proud to say that the vision that drives us is real. Our contribution to the development of Smart Society Solutions represented in the increased value of our client companies operating in a wide range of industries. With offices in Stockholm, Linköping and Dhaka, with over 50 satisfied employees and over 100 satisfied customers, we proudly offer the solutions that specifically meet the customer's needs. Customer experience is of great value to us!

The future, as we see it, is in line with our vision and it gives us good opportunities for continued growth and development of Smart Society Solutions. Our approach to the mission is strategic and innovative. We are the Smart Society developers and we have smart solutions for your digital transformation! Do you want to benefit from Smart Society Solutions?

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