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December 15, 2021


WooCommerce as part of e-commerce

WooCommerce is the world's most popular e-commerce solution with open source linked to WordPress. It is designed for small to large online retailers who want to easily reach the market. The platform was launched on September 27, 2011 and quickly became popular for its ease of installation and customization.

Another advantage is the base product's market position as a freeware program, although many of its optional add-ons are paid and proprietary. WooCommerce as part of e-commerce has become a matter of course for many e-merchants.


What is e-commerce?

E-commerce or electronic commerce takes place on the Internet, and is the activity of buying or selling products electronically on online services, hence also called online trading. It is made possible by technologies such as mobile commerce, electronic funds transfer, supply chain management, internet marketing, online transaction processing, electronic data interchange (EDI), inventory management systems and automated data collection systems.

For e-commerce, browsers are typically used for at least part of the transaction lifecycle, although they may also use other technologies such as email. Typical e-commerce transactions include the purchase of products or services.

E-commerce is supported by electronic business which means that a web shop needs to be integrated with other software. Online business or electronic business is any type of business or commercial transaction that involves sharing information over the internet. Commerce represents the exchange of products and services between companies, groups and individuals and can be seen as one of the most important activities in any business. Electronic business focuses on the use of information and communication technologies to enable the business' external activities and relationships with individuals, groups and other businesses, and refers to business transactions using the Internet.

Electronic business focuses on the use of information and communication technology to enable the business's external activities and relationships with individuals, groups and other companies, and refers to business using the internet.

The best thing about e-commerce is that it allows customers to overcome geographical barriers and allows them to buy products anytime, anywhere. Online and traditional markets have different approaches to doing business. Traditional retailers offer fewer ranges of products due to shelf space where online retailers often have no warehouse but send customer orders directly to manufacturing.

Pricing strategies are also different for traditional and online shops. Traditional retailers base their prices on store traffic and the cost of maintaining stock. Online retailers base their prices on the speed of delivery. Of course, other costs are also taken into account when determining the final price, but the basic differences are as described above.

The modern e-commerce trend recommends companies to shift the traditional business model where the focus is on "standardised products, homogeneous market and long product life cycle" to the new business model where the focus is on "varied and customised products". E-commerce requires the company to have the ability to cater to the diverse needs of multiple customers and provide them with a wider range of products.

With more product choices, information about products that customers can choose and meet their needs becomes crucial. To direct the mass customisation principle to the enterprise, the use of recommender systems is proposed. This system helps to recommend the right products to customers and helps customers to make the decision during the purchasing process. The recommender system can be driven by the top sellers on the website, customer demographics or consumer buying behavior.

What is WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is an obvious choice if you want to set up an online shop, as it offers everything you need to get started with your e-commerce. You can easily set up your web shop and build it further depending on the extent to which your e-commerce takes place.

So WooCommerce is an e-commerce solution for flexible e-commerce, where you have the opportunity to customize your webshop exactly how you want in accordance with the requirements of the business. Easy to get started with, customizable and easy to use, so what is WooCommerce if not all you need to be able to run your e-commerce successfully.


How much does WooCommerce cost?

Free as a base product, but has optional extras that cost. There are hundreds of add-ons and over a thousand plug-ins that can be connected to the base product. You can read more about these here and see which add-on would suit your e-commerce solution and then check out the price. What it costs in the end depends entirely on how much extra supplements you want to use for your e-commerce.

How do I use WooCommerce

You use WooCommerce by linking it to WordPress. In a few minutes, the integration is complete and then you get secure payments, configurable shipping options and more right out of the box? free. All of these features, which are free, are essential to getting started with e-commerce. How you later use WooCommerce depends entirely on your type of e-commerce and the scope of it.


WooCommerce webshop

If you later want to go in depth and customize your webshop with various extensions, you can do so through simple integrations. As we said before, WooCommerce is built in a way that is easy to build on. However, you should be aware that add-ons and plugins cost extra and that is why you should be careful with these.

Your e-commerce should probably generate some income before you invest too much. It takes time to build a webshop and with this platform you can do a lot for free, so take the opportunity to build your own WooCommerce webshop.

Payment solutions for WooCommerce in Sweden

WooCommerce is an e-commerce platform that works with more third-party solutions than any other platform. Of course, there are several payment solutions for WooCommerce in Sweden. This is primarily what makes the platform a more flexible solution than many other platforms on the market.

For what is the purpose of e-commerce if you can not charge in a smooth and secure way ?! You can see the whole the list of payment solutions offered by WooCommerce and easily find which ones could suit your business in Sweden. But the two main ones are Swish and Klarna.


Swish WooCommerce

For example, it is easy to set up and enable payments via Swish via certain payment services that are compatible with Swish. You will need an SSL certificate for your web shop? but you get it for free depending on which web host you use.

The integration with Swish is made easy and offers your customers the fastest payment option if they want to pay the full amount directly. Swish WooCommerce is the most flexible payment solution for your webshop and smooth e-commerce. However, it is not optimal for customers who want to pay part of their purchase. That's why we have Klarna.


WooCommerce Klarna

With WooCommerce Klarna, you can offer credit to your customers, which means split payments. This means that the customer gets their products delivered before they pay the full amount. The integration with Klarna is smooth, but from experience we can say that there can be problems with communication with Klarna servers. The problem lies with Klarna, rather than with WooCommerce.


The biggest advantage of the Klarna payment solution is that the customer can order the product from you and pay in installments to Klarna. This means that you do not have to worry about the customer being careless with the payments, as Klarna takes care of this, but you still have to keep track of how payments are handled. Because you do not want customers with poor ability to pay, because they will not be able to shop much in the long run.

WooCommerce solutions with Strativ

Strativ AB is your obvious development partner with smart solutions for e-commerce. Our dedicated development team has expertise in both Magento and WooCommerce, for the development of e-commerce platforms. During the work process, we always focus on creating converted web shops with responsive design, which provide the best conditions for successful e-commerce.

Some examples of webshops we have developed with WooCommerce:

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