Mobile Applications

We take responsibility for the entire life cycle of mobile app development. We formalize requirements, understand the end users, design solutions and then build them when our clients agree we are good to go.

Based on the needs of your business, we build solutions that work for different types and numbers of users. We aim for ease of use and accessibility, and finding the right infrastructure for your app that makes the best balance between budget and performance. 

Web and native technologies are integrated with each other, enabling cross-platform app development, i.e. the application can run on multiple platforms. Time-saving and smooth app development.


What we have done so far

Photon Sports

Strativ has developed a mobile and web application for Photon Sports, which includes a scalable backend and frontend in the cloud, as well as integrations with third-party devices and services. The application focuses on delivering a responsive frontend that is highly user-friendly for end users. The goal is to help athletes optimize their training and improve their performance. The system forms a large part of Photon Sports' business operations and facilitates cooperation between various involved parties.

Vaccina / kry

Vaccina needed to handle large amounts of testing during the Covid-19 pandemic. Strativ developed a scalable web platform and mobile app that function as a medical record system with secure data management and smooth communication. The system has a smarter, faster and more user-friendly front end. Automation has been implemented to make the system more efficient. Since its launch in June 2020, Vaccina has provided its services to over 600,000 users. The solution has made it easier for healthcare providers to collaborate more securely and efficiently.

More Sailing

Strativ has developed a cloud-based web solution for More Sailing, which enables customers to log in and access all the necessary information about their sailing trips. The solution has various integrations with external systems and is connected to More Sailing's website, accounting system and payment portals. The system has increased sales by contributing to smoother booking and handling processes, and has resulted in resource savings by centralizing all information and automating workflows.

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