Web Applications

We develop new and user-friendly web systems in .NET, Java, PHP, Python and others, but we can also take over the management of existing customer systems. We develop business-critical web solutions with various types of integrations, specifically meeting the needs of the business.

We have been developing large, complex solutions for the healthcare and tourism industries. For example, for More Sailing, we have developed a booking system that has generated over 100 million SEK of order value. For KRY, a journal system we developed currently has more than 600 000 users.


What we have done so far

My Mall

Strativ has helped My Mall develop a scalable and mobile-friendly e-commerce platform that integrates different suppliers, provides SEO optimization and enables suppliers to run their own stores on the platform. The platform includes integrations with third-party payment systems and import services. Since its launch in 2019, the platform has managed more than 400,000 products and has continued to grow. The system has increased efficiency and made it easier for various stakeholders to manage online business, which has had a major impact on My Mall's business operations.

More Sailing

Strativ has developed a cloud-based web solution for More Sailing, which enables customers to log in and access all the necessary information about their sailing trips. The solution has various integrations with external systems and is connected to More Sailing's website, accounting system and payment portals. The system has increased sales by contributing to smoother booking and handling processes, and has resulted in resource savings by centralizing all information and automating workflows.

Vaccina / kry

Vaccina needed to handle large amounts of testing during the Covid-19 pandemic. Strativ developed a scalable web platform and mobile app that function as a medical record system with secure data management and smooth communication. The system has a smarter, faster and more user-friendly front end. Automation has been implemented to make the system more efficient. Since its launch in June 2020, Vaccina has provided its services to over 600,000 users. The solution has made it easier for healthcare providers to collaborate more securely and efficiently.

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