IoT application that helps elite athletes to develop through camera analysis

Client: Photon Sports

Sector: Sports

Solution: IoT Application

"As world champions, we have high standards in everything we do. The development team at Strativ has met all our requirements and delivered a world-class solution."


Jonas Sjöberg

CEO, Photon Sports

Photon Sports is the world champion in physical performance optimisation. With a diverse team of talent, it has created a playground of science and data-driven innovation that is at the forefront of developments in physical performance analysis and injury prevention. Photon Sports is a values-driven brand, as well as an advocate for healthy physical performance optimisation for anyone who aspires to be a champion.

The Challenge

Photon Sports needed a performance tracking systemwhich is integrated with a sensor-based system in order to generate 3D-data based on different performance tests for the athletes. Using a digital solution, coaches and physiotherapists can help athletes stay healthy, as well as optimise their training to get the best possible results from their workouts.


The solution

The development team at Strativ has developed a mobile and web application consisting of a scalable backend and frontend in the cloud, and integrations/connections with third-party devices and services. Our core focus was to deliver a responsive framework-based frontend that is highly user-friendly for end-users, where data-driven results are presented nicely.


The Result

Photon Sports offers its services to athletes worldwide in order to improve their performance, optimise their training and thus achieve the best training results. The system we developed serves a large part of their business and facilitates for the various parties involved to cooperate with better efficiency.


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