A website is the main focal point for a company's communication with the market. That's why we develop websites that are relevant, impactful and highly user-friendly.

We can build fast, responsive and stylish websites on Wordpress CMS as well as headless CMS solutions through Strapi and Next.js. We keep functionality  and security at the top of our priority.

With us, integrating your chosen payment gateways, newsletter and email management systems, booking systems, customer portals etc. with your website is always simple, secure and reliable.


What we have done so far

More Sailing

Strativ has developed a cloud-based web solution for More Sailing, which enables customers to log in and access all the necessary information about their sailing trips. The solution has various integrations with external systems and is connected to More Sailing's website, accounting system and payment portals. The system has increased sales by contributing to smoother booking and handling processes, and has resulted in resource savings by centralizing all information and automating workflows.

My Mall

Strativ has helped My Mall develop a scalable and mobile-friendly e-commerce platform that integrates different suppliers, provides SEO optimization and enables suppliers to run their own stores on the platform. The platform includes integrations with third-party payment systems and import services. Since its launch in 2019, the platform has managed more than 400,000 products and has continued to grow. The system has increased efficiency and made it easier for various stakeholders to manage online business, which has had a major impact on My Mall's business operations.

Handla Hållbart

The challenge for Handla Hållbart was to create an online platform that enables private companies to create sustainable shopping habits. The requirement was a customized e-commerce solution where companies can order sustainable products at favorable prices. Strativ has developed a scalable backend and frontend in the cloud with integrations with payment systems through Magento. Handla Hållbart has delivered the service to B2B customers through the system since 2020 and has enabled and efficient handling of online orders.

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