B2B E-commerce platform

Client: Handla Hållbart

Sector: B2B E-commerce

Solution: Magento e-commerce platform with integrations

"We are satisfied with the smart solution and the agile project management."


Joakim Bergström

CEO, Handla Hållbart

Handla Hållbart is a network for private companies. Primarily in education and care and nursing. They provide framework agreements with very attractive prices and clear reference to climate-smart choices. The ambition is to simplify for the customer and create a review of the company's purchases. Shopping Sustainable simplifies purchasing work and increases profitability for a sustainable future!

The Challenge

The challenge for Handla Hållbart was about having an online platform which gave private companies the opportunity to create sustainable shopping habits and encourage them to build a sustainable environment. Customer requirements were more specifically about one custom e-commerce solution where other companies can have their own portal for ordering sustainable products at favorable prices.


The Solution

With the help of Magento, the development team at Strativ has developed one e-commerce system which consists of scalable backend, as well as frontend in the cloud and integrations with payment systems. Our core focus is continuous development of the system that adds value to Handla Hållbart, through data-driven results and enable their vision to build a sustainable future for all.


The Result

Handla Hållbart has successfully provided its service to B2B customers through the system since its launch in 2020. The platform makes it easier for different stakeholders to handle online orders and to achieve better efficiency. The user experience is faster and smoother, when a certain automation has been implemented precisely to serve this purpose.


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Kristoffer Göransson

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