B2C E-commerce platform that sells through external merchants

Client: My Mall

Sector: E-commerce

Solution: Magento e-commerce platform with integrations

The Challenge

Since My Mall collaborates with many different suppliers, from different domain industries, the challenge lay in create a focal point for interaction between different parties for the purpose of selling and buying goods, i.e. conducting e-commerce. This means that it also wanted to provide the possibility of the supplier to run his own shop to sell their products through My Mall platform.


The solution

The development team at Strativ has developed a e-commerce platform which is also mobile and SEO optimized, which can be found at The system consists of a scalable backend and responsive frontend in the cloud, as well as many integrations with third-party payment systems and other import services from various providers. The platform is designed to deliver value to the My Mall business through data-driven results to promote increased trade.


The Result

The platform we have developed works today with more than 400 thousand products in My Mall online store, and with continuous growth in buyer numbers since its launch in February 2019. Our developed system serves a large part of their business. The system makes it easier for different stakeholders to manage online business with better efficiency. Some automation implemented as makes the user experience faster and smoother.


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